Sunday, March 24, 2013

Raspbian Bluetooth USB

Last week I ordered some stuff from amazon:
  • A cheap USB Bluetooth dongle
  • USB Webcam
  • Very small USB Stick 32GB
First I want to try to establish a BT connection between my Raspberry Pi and my Smartphone (HTC Wildfire). To test my new BT dongle, I inserted it in my Laptop (Win7 x64). There I got an device error (Code: 10 cannot start device) - so far so bad.
On my Raspberry Pi, I had to install the necessary software first:
sudo apt-get install bluez
sudo apt-get install bluez-utils
Then we can check if the device is there and scan for devices (Don´t forget to make your Phone etc. visible in your Bluetooth settings). To test if the connection is working, we can use l2ping <MAC of Phone>

That seems to work - nice.
I found most of the infos needed here:

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