Sunday, March 24, 2013

Send image from Raspberry Pi via Bluetooth

Our next Bluetooth step is to send files between the Raspberry Pi and my Smartphone.

Raspberry Pi to HTC
We have to check which services are available on the Phone:
sdptool browse <MAC of the Phone>
Search for "OBEX Object Push" and remember the Channel. In my case it is: 12.

Next step is to install obexftp:
sudo apt-get install obexftp
Now we can send a file from Raspberry Pi to the Phone. In my case I have downloaded a picture of tux in my home-directory as described here:

Enter the following command (don´t forget to use the right channel) and a Bluetooth file receive request should come up on your Phone:

Yeah, tux is on my phone now!

Raspbian Bluetooth USB

Last week I ordered some stuff from amazon:
  • A cheap USB Bluetooth dongle
  • USB Webcam
  • Very small USB Stick 32GB
First I want to try to establish a BT connection between my Raspberry Pi and my Smartphone (HTC Wildfire). To test my new BT dongle, I inserted it in my Laptop (Win7 x64). There I got an device error (Code: 10 cannot start device) - so far so bad.
On my Raspberry Pi, I had to install the necessary software first:
sudo apt-get install bluez
sudo apt-get install bluez-utils
Then we can check if the device is there and scan for devices (Don´t forget to make your Phone etc. visible in your Bluetooth settings). To test if the connection is working, we can use l2ping <MAC of Phone>

That seems to work - nice.
I found most of the infos needed here: