Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Website accessible via dynamic DNS

To allow access to my website hosted on the raspberry pi, I need a domain name. Also because I am behind a router I will have no fixed public IP. To solve this dilemma we can use a so called dynamic DNS service, which will update our DNS entry with the current public IP of the router.
Luckily there are several free available dynic DNS providers:
I decided to use because DynDNS is not free any more.

First you need to go to and register your domain name. Afterwards you need to install the no-ip client software on your raspberry pi. Usually all that it does,is to check your public ip in a specific interval and send this information to no-ip, so they can update the DNS entry.

But because I am using a FritzBox as router, I can configure directly that I want to use a Dynamic DNS provider and it takes care of everything for me (so no need to install anything on my precious pi).
All you have to do, is go to the webinterface of the FritzBox and enter your dynDNS provider, username & password.
It should look something like this:

Save everything, maybe restart your router and wait some minutes. Now you should be able to reach your website under your selected domain name from everywhere in the worl.

Note: After subscribing to it took some hours until my domain name was populated & working - so be a little patient!

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